JBSourcery Version 2.3 !

We would like to thank all those that offer source code on Github
:AOKP,Peter Alfonso,cm(and code review), Greg-(from Elite), Codenamedandroid, Rootzboat, Zaphod-Beeblebrox, LiquidRoms.Krarvind, Gummy and many others

Built From 4.1.1 JRO03L-4.1.1-r4 Google source

RomanBB and AOKP for so many great contributions.

CM, AOKP, and Team Liquid for numerous bug fixes and optimizations

RomanBB,Netboy3,Miui, CyanogenMod, romanbb, sethyx, kejar, syaoran12 ,romanbb, Stevespear426, Kyle Teague
for updating rom control (awesome base, again major thx), Custom NavBar controls color,
Customize your carrier label, Center/Hide/AM-PM Styles/Color Clock Options,
Enable/Disable Alarm Icon in the statusbar,Option to disable/enable menu to unlock,
Option for persistat menu button in navigation bar,Battery percentage settings, ,
navbar on power menu and ability to remove nav bar.
xoomdev-bringing back most nav bar stuff and toggle backgrounds

CM for updated DSPManager

Zephod Beeblebox for fast torch option & Extra Phone Settings.

Zephod Beeblebox for Hide NabBar on demmand,PowerDialog and power menu settingsZephod Beeblebox
CM and CNA For some great lock screen customizations.We used as a base

CM for the new mms app with gestures and split counter and Emoji's
SMS Templates (rciovati)
Custom Vibrations (mssmison)
Timestamp Options (aravance)
popup quick mms

Android Does for Apex Launcher

CM Autobrightness Light Level Filters

Jbird Propmodder (in tools)

CM for t9 phone dialer
and many other advanced features in contacts/phone app.

CM Browser tweaks(option open tab in incognito mode (Arham Jamal)
option to close all other tabs (Arham Jamal)
unhide the user agent settings)

Danesh Powerkey shutter - Allows user to use the power key to take pictures/videos

Gflam for ADB over network (in tools)

Romanbb & syaoran12 for LED modifications. and syaoran12 for custom app led settings

Teaminit2winit apps for the original ICSourcery tools app and cpu control in it.

Jrummy for some performance customization (not all instituted in 3.0)

CM and AOKP for power button options.

Peter Alfonso Add build date to "About" screen

CM with additions by AOKP for quiet hours

Zaphod-Beeblebrox,AOKP,JBirdVegas NavBar stuff

cm/romanbb for setting for 180 degree rotation

CM/AOKP/MarcLandis/maniac103/Tmobile/xoomdev - Tmobile Theme engine

sethyx for custamizale notification transparency, disable camera sounds

romanbb , navbar images, lock screen wallpapers,

romanbb,CMDvTonder,Danesh M,Marius Volkhart,Rick C, Aokp-Lockscreen weather

jonathongrigg-notification shade pulldown in navbar
CM-for powerwidgets toggles

Brandon McAnsh-ability to set rotation for landscape on lock screen

MarcLandis for major blue tooth changes

CM for Platform_build and many html5 and webkit enhancements

Whitehawkx-status bar signal options

dagr8-for hidable kill-all-butoon in recent switcher

aravance for option to change host name

Krarvind for the adding screenshot to navbar option

CM & Steve Spear,CNA for ability to add lockscreen targets

Whitehawkx-Change text color on lock screen.

AOKP for ROMcontrol of which MagicControl was based off.

WhiteHawkx Additional device info in about phone

(aokp)sethyx- fix lock screen centered lock ring, weather on pulldown, calander on lock screen.

Chainfire SuperSU app

LordClockaN-national data roaming and make it optional

Boombuler for AppWidgetPicker

Gummy(RIP) - Of which we started vendor for 1.0 from.

Xoomdev-for pulldown custom wallpaper (modified for sourcery ) But basics used for Sourcery background and pulldown customs.
Netboy3 ability to set custom carrier label

Danesh M-lock screen show before secure unlock

Steve Spear-Extended volume panel

CM-safe headset volume,Longpres to skip music tracks, volume to wake

romanbb- ability to use the volume buttons to move the cursor

stevespear426,Kevinliu,CNA -for custom navring targets.

CNA-for start of navbar color changes but redone by team sourcery.

Trey Brigg-Bluetooth: AVRCP (adding new metadata when playing music over bluetooth)

Phil Tunstall- Restore voume for all streams on headset connect/disconnect.

Cuong-External BT Gps-

noobnl,ProTekk-fix a2dp support on samsung audio policy.

JBsourcery Tools- Originally designed by gflam/conap and teaminit2winitapps has now been
Taken over by our new team member DeVorteX.(call him Sir Devortex)

Kernels,mods,apps,animations,boot animations,themes are property of the listed developers!
(please donate to them if you appreciate their work)

ICSourcery Tools setting:
(teaminit2winitapps/Team Sourcery-Maintained by Team Sourcery)

animations- change transition animations

boot animations - change boot animations

fonts- change fonts

kernels - change kernels

apps manager- easily see info and remove any apps system or data.

extra apps- easy installation of new apps, themed apps ect.

push notifications(team sourcery ability to communicate straight to their users)

rom updates -replaces normal updates for easy install of updates

theme manager-ability to install themes from within the rom

softkeymods-switch out softkeys

pull down mods--change pull downs

ability to switch out all framework or system ui images.

The first boot animation switcher that also switches boot ani sounds.(not availalbe on JB yet)

battery mods--install different battery colors and styles.

over clock settings-ability to change governors or speeds of kernel.

terminal Emulator - what it says :)

MUIU root explorer (credit to apooonet from xda)

T-Mobile Theme engine(tmobile, CyanogenMod, xoomdev,,AOKP,MarcLandis,maniac103)

T-Mobile theme engine themes

build prop editor(JbirdVegas)

kernel tweaks

wireless adb

block ads

cache cleaner

fix permission

lcd density

vm heap

wifi scan interval

wipe battery stats

zip align apps

background switcher

Special Thanks to CJM,Cynkrzy,Atticus, for supplying many of the Soft-key Mods available to you in Sourcery Tools.

CJM for many wallpapers and stock softkeys used in version 1 and 2.

Special Thanks to Hooolm, Nate , Zaphod-Beeblebrox,he_stheone64, reverepats, sonnysekhon, for battery mods available in Sourcery Tools.

ICSourcery Wallpapers were made by the credited persons they did great work.

Thanks to Spunks3 for his great lock screen ring Images.

Thanks to Vostradamus for some awesome weather images see his work at

We are proud and happy to offer you JBSourcery V 2.3 for the Galaxy nexus.
you can contact us @ icsourcery@gmail.com">
twitter @icsourcery
irc ##sourcery
Special thanks to many for help along the way if we forgot you let me know please.

more credits in commits at http://www.github/teamsourcery
And in credits settins in the rom.

Also visit our new website at http://www.teamsourcery.com

and our new Forums at http://teamsourcery.com/phpBB3/

These Credits are a work in progress more credits coming soon also please look at commits in git hub for more credits

If we misseed you please let us know well add it immediatley

If not credited here than it was done by team sourcery., many credits were done by original author and modified by Team Sourcery
To work with our rom. Again thanks to all the great developers out there as without their base for things we couldnt have
Done some of the stuff in Sourcery.