Features--(besides already mentioned abundance of theming capabilities)
Battery -muiu battery bar,batterybar location,battery bar style(icon only,text only,icon with text,Batterymods(too many to choose),no battery)
clock adjustments-style(right,center,none),am/pm,days of week,color
Toggle options(aokp style)-auto rotate,bt,gps,wifi,airplanemode,vibrate,silent,torch,sync,
data,4g/LTE/2G,wifi tether,usb tether
change order,brightness on toggle or not(location)
toggle style(icons,text)
toggle switches or line, change on/off toggle colors
Brightness control on status bar(turn off auto brightness and slide finger across status bar)
Toggle-back ground change, alpha change, Brightness Slider and Location

Toggle options (cm Style)-goto sleep, media-skip to next,skip to previous,toggle play or pause, airplane mode, 2g/39 or LTE,
toggle bluetooth,toggle brightness(with different settings), led flashlight, lock screen, mobile data,
orientation,screen timeout, sound,sync, wifi, wifi-ap--with brightness modes,networkmodes,timeout
modes,sound modes, flash mode.
Toggles can be 1 the other or both at same time! Wifi and signal style and color change of text styles and ability to hid signal bars
Lockscreen features-
set wallpaper
weather on lock screen
calendar on lock screen
menu unlock
volume key unlock
volume key long press to skip tracks(screen off)
battery percentage on lock screen
quick pin unlock
show standard lock screen before unlock.
Lock screen text color changing
Lock screens Centered or right layouts
Lockscreen low or high ring layouts
Lock screen targets (8)
landscape lockscreen capability
weather in pulldown shade

enable advanced volume control,
navagation bar-small menu locations,menu visibility,
soft key color,glow color and animation speeds,
customizable softkeys with long press action and custom icons.
Navbar height(portrait),Width(landscape)
NavBar actions--home,back,recents,search,menus,toggle widgets,killapp,
Navbar ring targets, navbar color, navbar key transparencies
ability to make soft keys go away :), power menu what you se when long press power key

Disable boot animation
Show Notification counts on status bar
extended volume panel
allow 180 degree rotation
show/hide ime switcher
Custom carrier label
Show/Hide alarm icon on status bar
LED-Colors,Duration,Custom Apps,Flash when screen on.
Seperate notification and ring tone volumes
ability to diable bong when chnaging sound volume
Camera shutter sound on/off
camera picture taking by power button(must keep roms gallery 2 if you switch galleries it will not be there)
(but stock gallery wont sync to piscaso so at this time its one or the other)
Phone -T-9 dialing,vibrate on answer, vibrate on call waiting, vibrate on hangup, vibrate every 45 sec, lock when call ends,
keep proximity on, exit to home screen.
dialpad settings
Dsp manager /music FX
Apollo music player
ability to set host name
Browser and html5 enhancements
MMS-Emoji support,templates,gestures,strip unicode,time stamps,vibrate adjustments,ringtone choosing.
LatinIME-ability to use Volumne to move cursor,quick popup message(with ability to delete from popup).

In JBSourcery Tools--
change battery mods
change softkeys
Lockscreen Weather image changing
Status Bar icons(changes any images in system ui
Misc Icons(mods to change icons in framework)
Glow Dots(change color/shapes)
Lock Screen handle(change to many different images)
Animations(change transition animations)
Boot animations(change boot animations-also with audio)Over 200 boot animations(audio not implemented yet)
Change fonts
Most popular kernels available to flash right from the ROM
change the pull down images Now with ability to put your own custom imageand choose seperate for landscape and portrait.
Backgrounds image changing with ability to add your own
App manager(easily delete any app system or data, also recive much more info about apps)
Push notification(we will send you news,messages about the ROM right to the ROM-auto notification of new messages available)
Rom update(be notified of and install updates to the ROM right from the ROM no searching.
Miui root explorer with ROM
Theme manager(the first theme manage on any ICS ROM Full themes with previews)
Dev tools
Overclock settings controls
Spare parts
Terminal Emulator
Access to the secret testing menu
Wireless ADB
Block adds
Cache cleaner(app,sd,market history)
fix permissions
vm heap size
wipe battery stats
Build prop editor
Init.d controls(crons etc),
Kernel tweaks(fast charge,color mulitpliers,color gamma tunig, Voltage)
Extra apps-many other applications and updates easily installed with the touch of a button.
Mods-made or ported by team sourcery available for easy installs.

Most of these items are updated live and additions ,updates,changes are added frequently
Without user interaction each time you go to a section there may be new stuff.

And More!!!!!!!!!!

Automatic detection of phone from tools and now only shows items in tools for the particular phone. no more for maguro or toro comments

ability to set host name
changed mms JB message warning limits--i believe this is a safety thing so what we did was cut time to 15 minutes and upped to 60 messages.
above that youll get a warning.
Ability to have total transparent pull down-must have any custom pulldown ours or ours than move transparenty to 0 :)
No other rom gives this ability to turn off stock JB Dimmer on status bar to enable full tranparency.
lock screen up to 8 targets(sstill work in progres-some items like direct dial, and some others jsut wont show on home screen at this time)
updated apex launcher
some speed increases
external bluetooth GPS ability(settings in settings)
Browser--added user agent custom settings-so you can always have it request desktop versions etc
Many stock translation updates
many other tweaks.

New features since 2.2
Lock screens high or low rings, right or center placements for 8 lockscreen targets
lockscreen landscape ability
Now has aokp and CM style toggles use 1 or the other or both.
softkey changing now instant no system ui reboot
navbar ring targets. when long press and pull up you can now have 5 choices not just google.
ability to toggle alarm icon on status bar off
ability to turn off the bong when changing volumes
kill all button for recents
many mms enhancements and ability to delete message from pop up messages
many more options in contacts.
enhanced html5 and browser enhancements
magic control and tools layouts totally redone.
much better looking stock theme
ability to change nav bar colors
navbar height and width now no reboot neeed
power menu to choose what shows when you long press power
ability to remove softkeys and use power button to bring up your softkeys on long press power
signal and wifi styles and text color changes. ability to remove signal icons.
many speed and connection enhancements
ability to have transparent pull down and to have different pull downs for landscape and portrait.
more added to out info cneter easy access to file bugs or enhancements request.
Probably more but im tired! :)

Thankyou all for using JBSourcery.